July 7, 2020
Pituitary Function Tests for Children Minimize

Pituitary Function Tests for Children


Pituitary function tests are often requested in the diagnostic evaluation of short children. The aim under these circumstances is to determine the status of the growth hormone (GH) axis. However, a prolonged test of GH secretion with multiple blood samples is an invasive procedure and in order to reduce the possible need for repeat investigation, it has been tradition to include the use of TRH and GnRH. Recent data suggests that additional stimulation with TRH and GnRH does not give any information that would not have been given by baseline measurements of gonadotropins, sex hormones, TSH and thyroxine.

Our practice is to use the glucagon test for evaluation of growth hormone and cortisol secretion, and to include TRH or GnRH only if there is a specific indication for these tests.


see individual tests


see individual tests

Side effects

There is a greater risk of hypoglycaemia in children as they have smaller reserves of fat and carbohydrate and therefore, contingency plans must be available for its development. Most subjects given glucagon experience nausea and may vomit.


Priming with sex steroids is recommended in prepubertal children who are over 10 years of age (either chronological or bone age). prescribe stilboestrol 1mg 12 hourly for 48 hours prior to test.

This test must be performed at least 4 hours after any food and drink.


The following equipment should be immediately available: see protocol for emergency treatment of hypoglycaemia during ITT/glucagon test

  1. liquid drink (squash/milk), food (toast/biscuits)
  2. glucose powder, strong oral glucose solution (as for diabetics)
  3. 10% dextrose (500 mL) and iv giving set
  4. Glucose test strips and lancets etc
  5. hydrocortisone 100 mg for iv use
  6. 7 plain tubes
  7. an intravenous cannula

Drug administration: Glucagon 15 microgm/kg by im injection, maximum 1 mg.


time 0 min

take 5 mL blood for fT4, TSH, LH, FSH, prolactin, GH, ACTH, IGF-1, cortisol & testosterone or oestradiol
immediately give glucagon intramuscularly

time 30 min

take 3 mL blood for cortisol & GH

time 60 min

take 3 mL blood for cortisol & GH

time 90 min

take 3 mL blood for cortisol & GH

time 120 min

take 3 mL blood for cortisol & GH

time 150 min

take 3 mL blood for cortisol & GH

time 180 min

take 3 mL blood for cortisol & GH


see for Glucagon test


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Julian H Barth
17 Oct 2011


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