July 14, 2020
Investigation of Female Virilism Minimize

Investigation of female virilism

The most difficult decision in the management of women with hyperandrogenism eg acne, hirsuties, polycystic ovaries etc is when exhaustive investigation should be instituted. Since the treatment of hirsute women presenting with nontumourous hyperandrogenism will be similar whether the androgen is from the adrenals or ovaries, it is only necessary to identify those women with an androgen secreting tumour. This chart suggests the criteria for investigation should be the presence of any of the following features: an elevated random plasma testosterone, a short history of hirsuties or features of systemic virilism eg cliteromegaly, increased muscle bulk, deep voice, androgenetic alopecia or amenorrhoea.

Evidence for identification of androgen secreting tumours

Derksen et al reported a series of 2 adrenal adenomas and 12 carcinomas in which hirsutism was the presenting symptom. The women with adenomas were described as being severely virilised. Half (6) of the women with carcinoma had clinical signs of Cushing's syndrome; and of the remaining 6 cases, 4 were severely virilised and the other 2 women presented with abdominal pain.

Functioning ovarian tumours which secrete androgens and therefore cause virilisation are rare and represent only 1% of all ovarian tumours (Woodruff & Parmely 1963). In these cases, hirsuties is a nearly universal feature. Amenorrhoea develops rapidly in all premenopausal patients and systemic virilisation with alopecia, cliteromegaly, deepening of the voice and a male habitus develops in about half of the patients (Sandberg & Jackson 1963, Moltz et al 1984). Meldrum and Abraham (1979) reviewed the literature of 43 women with virilising ovarian tumours: 7/43 had plasma testosterone < 7.0 nmol/L but all were clinically virilised, one 65 year-old woman was reported as not virilised but her plasma testosterone was > 12 nmol/L.

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